How we do it

The work on each project is individual, taking into account the interests of each customer, as well as the expediency and legality of all legal and administrative actions related to the assignment. For each specific case, we follow the steps below.
– Establishment of a comprehensive action plan (framework) based on the assignment and according to the technology of the respective job;
– Conclusion of a contract between the contractor and the assignor
– Performance
– Preparation of performance report
– Complete supervision of the project until its completion, which includes the provision of the full range of business, legal and financial-accounting services
Depending on the complexity and duration of the assignment, we offer continuous performance management and interim results as well as periodic and detailed implementation reports on-demand.
In each case that we start to work on, you will be explicitly informed about the team involved and actions planned. Our team is composed by attorneys, architects, accountants and consultants with proven experience and specialization in the field that are able to fulfil all your needs. Our work is aimed to provide our clients with optimal solutions for the successful resolution of their case, in accordance with the legislation in force and the legal framework.
Our team, according to the specific case, will examine the legal sides, prepare the complete documentation and make the necessary contacts with the administration.